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Brandie Bishop, Birth and Postpartum Doula 

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My name is Brandie Bishop, and I am a Doula serving in and around the Atlanta Georgia Area! I have a passion for birthing and postpartum persons ,and providing the best support possible during pregnancy and postpartum experiences.

My purpose is to help birthing parents to have a safe, memorable, and empowering birthing experience. As a doula, I have been professionally trained in childbirth and providing emotional, physical, and educational support.

Let me support you as you grow Your Tribe! 

Features & Testimonials


 Phone or Virtual 30 minute consultations are FREE. Includes a brief introduction and explanation of each package, and time for questions. 


Oromo Tribe 

Zulu Tribe

Amani Tribe 

Asanta Tribe 

Placenta Planting  

and More

Growing Your Tribe - Birth Course

In person and virtual online Child Birth Education course. 

This one-on-one course is built to help families prepare to grow their tribe. We build a customized Birth Plan, go in depth on Labor, Delivery, and Postpartum recovery. (View More)

In person & virtual Birth Doula Services
Short & Long Term Postpartum Doula Services
Belly Binding Services
Doula Business Mentorship

"She explained things so well. Things my doctor didn't even take the time to explain."

"She saw my strength before I did and supported what I wanted."


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